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The MSU Agricultural Extension is an excellent resource for Michigan fruit growers. The following is information and links from the Fruit Integrated Pest Management Resource page at http://www.ipm.msu.edu/agriculture/fruit. Clicking on any of the links below will either download the resource from the MSU site or take you over to the extention site. To return to Ridge Quest, please use the “back” arrow in your browser.

Seasonal updates and advice
  • MSU Extension News – Plant and pest management advice for commercial fruit. The search at this site includes 2006 and forward CAT Alert newsletter articles.
Weather resources

Enviro-weather– Weather data for making IPM and other management decisions. Models and information related to:

Pileus Project – How this year’s temperatures and precipitation compare to last year’s

Scouting resources

Some fruit growers are diversifying their farms with these two “new” crops: chestnuts and hops.

MSU Extension publications

Search for more MSU Extension publications at the MSU Extension Bookstore.

Contacts at MSU Extension

Find an expert in your area at expert.msue.msu.edu

Home gardeners, please see the Community and Home section of this website.

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