Tangler Technology, Advanced Mating Disruption that Provides for Rapid & Cost Effective Application

If you manage orchards for apples, walnuts, almonds or pears and struggle with codling moths, you’ll be interested in Ridge Quest’s latest innovation in mating disruption technology. This innovative and cost-effective pheromone delivery system was developed to enable growers to cost-effecitvely combat destructive codling moth activity. In addition, a new product, Tangler  is in development presently to combat the Oblique Banded Leafroller, plus 4 other Leafrollers, availability coming in the next few years.  We are also researching a product for OFM.
Abstract: The major aim in developing the Tangler technology is to greatly improve the mating disruption application process, and substantially reduce its cost, especially the application cost, thereby increasing adoption.

The Tangapplication time graphler system consists of a module loaded with pheromone and a launcher that enables the grower to rapidly apply numerous modules to the upper tree canopy. The module consists of a cap and a base made of biodegradable plastic. The cap is attached to the base by a length of cotton string. During construction the string is coiled and placed inside the base and top attached, assembling it into the capsule. Capsules are clipped together in a fashion that allows them to be fed into a mechanical launcher operated by compressed gas. As a result of the bola design, the propelled modules readily become tangled in the tree branches. A single applicator can treat a 1 ha orchard with 1000 dispensers in 30-45 minutes.

The greatly improved efficiency provided by Tangler will mean that growers no longer will need to skimp on the number of mating disruption dispensers applied because it is time consuming and labor intensive. Moreover, their dependence on labor to use mating disruption and the expense associated with the application will be substantially reduced.

Tangler CM is currently availale in WI & MI.   Contact Us for sales.


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