For Growers

Our certified crop consultants offer a full suite of agricultural services with specialization in orchard entomology, scouting, soil testing and commercial applications.

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For Manufacturing

We are deeply experienced at designing and implementing field trials with expertise in plant growth regulators. We are available by contract for demonstration plots trials.

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The Tangler

Read about the agricultural engineering we applied to create the innovative “Tangler” that delivers precise doses of pheromones to control pest populations in orchards!

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At Ridge Quest Inc., we bring together the best agricultural research and innovation to serve commercial orchard growers worldwide.

Ridge Quest Inc. specializes in fruit entomology with emphasis on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). With more than a decade of experience in orchard consulting and scouting, our professional team consists of certified crop advisors and commercial applicators who understand the individual needs of local growers. With the development of the pest management product Tangler mating disruption and the subsequent advent of The Tangler, Ridge Quest, Inc. is gaining worldwide recognition in the field. We provide comprehensive solutions in crop production, pest management, fertility, product development and … Read more…

Leaders in Orchard Crop Consulting and Agricultural Product Development
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